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Lolita Paysites

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2009 16:33:49 -0700 (PDT)From: Lora Rossini Subject: Dr milkmaid story ~ lesbian sectionHi,My name is Jessie. This is my story; a story that spans some two years of mylife whilst living and working in rural Victoria in Australia.I moved to Kyabram in mid-January of 2007 to begin a one year placement Lolita Paysites as aGeneral Practice registrar. It had always been my dream since getting intomedical school to work in the country, so I was so excited when I was offered aposition as a Registrar in a town not far from where I grew up. I was to spendthe year under the supervision of two experienced Doctors who would introduceme to working in a general practice clinic as well as covering the local bushhospital Emergency Department and in-patients care.A little about myself; I am 24 having just finished 6 years of med school. Ihave always been a keen cyclist and enjoy outdoor sports and exercise. I am abit of a gym junkie. I am around 5' 11", so I am taller than most girls.All that exercise I suppose has kept me trim, and I have an athletic build. Ihave straight lightly coloured red hair that comes down to my shoulders thatmostly I wear tied back in a pony tail. A few freckles dot my face. I weighabout 115 lbs. A few of my friends stir me saying that I am all legs, as theyare pretty long and slim. I like to wear, when not in my sports gear, neatcasual wear. At work I am required to smart up, so I like to wear eitherdresses, or business skirts with bra tops. I have found since working withpatients that it is easier if my clothes are tight fitting so they don't drapeand get in the way. I have noticed that because I dress like this I do get somestares from a lot of guys, and even from some of the women who come into thepractice.I'm usually a very bubbly person, so I practically bounced into the town theday before I was due to start work. My mood did take a bit of a downturn when Isaw the hospital accommodation I had been given. It was pretty average, I mustsay. But I did not know then how things were going to change for the betterpretty soon.On the first day I wanted to make a good impression, so even went to thetrouble of wearing the one pair of tights I had under the black dress I had. Ihad been told to turn up to the practice the next morning where I would meet mysupervising Doctors; Fiona and Ingrid. I threw my gym bag into the boot of thecar, so I could head to the gym after work. I got there about 15 minutes early,grabbed my stethoscope and drug books, and trying to not look too nervous, in Iwent.The receptionist gave me a great welcome telling me how everyone had beenlooking forward to me coming, especially my two bosses. If I would justtake a seat she would page them to come out. I had just sat down when outcame Fiona. Wow! I was almost knocked off my chair as out walked the mostconfidently glamorous woman of about 32 years. She was a bit shorter than Ibut had a great figure and a smile that radiated warmth, but what grabbedmy attention, almost embarrassingly, were her breasts; full, firm andproudly revealed by her top. She extended her hand and in a voice that mademe weak at the knees said, "Hi Jessica. My name is Fiona, but call me Fi?We've been so looking forward to you coming. Come on in, I'll introduceyou to Ingrid." Well, I would have followed her over a cliff I was somesmerised. As I followed her down the hallway to her office I realisedthat every pore of her body exuded a confident sexuality. I was enrapturedfrom the start! And then I entered her office and met my other boss...Well if Fiona was all power and dripping to be fucked; then Ingrid was agracefully beautiful statue to femininity in all her glory! She wore a cottondress that swirled around her legs. Her long hair swept up into a ponytail withsexy wisps that draped down by Lolita Paysites her ears through which glimpsed diamondearrings. A fine gold chain drew my eyes down to her fine pert breasts andpetite body. "Hi," she said extending her hand, "and welcome totown. I hope you got up here all right?" Both women dripped withsensuality and were I was just dying to fuck them. It screamed out of everypore of my body from the very first moment I saw them together.They both pointed to a couch, Fiona sat on the edge of the desk, her stockingedlegs extending out from her skirt, whilst Ingrid sat down next to me. We spentthe next 15 minutes talking about the job, what was expected, how they wouldsupervise me and some practical stuff about the workplace. The conversationthen drifted into social areas; what my place was like, what there was to doaround the district and what I liked to do in my spare time, etc. When Imentioned that I liked going to the gym, Fi said she planned to go after workand that I would be welcome to come to dinner with them both afterwards. It wassaid in a way that I couldn't refuse. The phone went then calling in the firstpatient. "Well, lets get started", said Fiona rising from the desk.Ingrid lay her hand on my leg and let it linger there a while before saying,"Look, we do hope you like it here. We would like to do anything andeverything to make sure you do". The lingering look she gave me left me wonderingwhat she, or they, had in mind. I undressed both of them with my eyes and hopedthat they would indeed do what it took for me Lolita Paysites to enjoy my time here!The first day went by in a whirl. I saw anumber of patients and in between each one would stick my head into eitherFiona's or Ingrid's rooms to check that they agreed with Lolita Paysites my management plan ortreatment I had provided. Only one thing happened during the day that I thoughtwas odd. Close to lunch I tried to get into Fiona's office to check on the drugsI was to give a patient only to find the door locked. Lydia, thepractice manager came up quickly to tell me that every day for half an hourboth Dr's held a meeting during which they were not to be disturbed. Oh well,I'm sure it would have been OK, and there were still more people to see, andsoon gave it little more thought as I was caught up in the work. First day, itwas all pretty exciting!The day came to a finish, and I headed offto the gym for a workout. Soon after I got there a text came through; "Sorry,held up at work, please still come for tea? Fi." I replied saying I would loveto come. I worked out on the cycle machine and soon worked up a sweat. Duringthis time I couldn't help thinking about these two doctors' who were to be mybosses for the next 12 months. I couldn't stop from thinking how gorgeous theywere. I felt myself lucky to be working with such attractive women. But whatwas I thinking, for they were women, and so was I. Nevertheless, I dreamt awaythinking about their bodies and soon found myself getting turned on. I found ittoo much sitting on the bike seats and had to get off. I headed to the showersand as the hot water washed over me I soon let my hands rub sensually over mybreasts and down over my hips, thighs and legs. Before I knew what I was doingI found myself fingering myself whilst Lolita Paysites I dreamt of standing before themwatching them naked in a lover's passionate embrace. Quickly my tension rose upand my body shook in spasms as I came in a quiet, but delicious, orgasm.As I passed through the small country town toget home to dress, I stopped in at the Bottle-O to buy some wine. All the timesince the gym I entertained the thought of these two beautiful women as lovers,and them somehow including me into their intimate bond. I had had a fewgirlfriends over the years, but never really saw myself as a lesbian. A fewtimes at Uni I was struck by some quality of a few women that made me lustafter them, and occasionally I had the most amazing sex with some of them. Butfor the most part I had boyfriends on and off. However, for Ingrid and Fiona myfantasies were running wild.I poured my self a wine as I dressed. Itried on at least 6 outfits! Was I crazy? This was no teenage date, but I wasacting like an adolescent with raging hormones! In the end I chose a cottondress, cut on the bias with a bra-top. Its' effect was to hug me tightly abovemy waist and leave plenty of cleavage showing. The dress came down to my knees,but the loose flowing material allowed plenty of leg to show. I was hoping thatat least they would notice me, and hopefully like what they see. At seven O'clock,I followed the directions given to me by text and found myself driving out to aquaint house a little way out of town. I pulled up behind Fi's VW Polo andnervously went up to the door."Hi", said Fi as she bounded up to the doorto let me in. I almost stammered a "Wow!" in reply as she took my breathe away.Again she wore black, but this time a cross-over short black dress. She worethe most sheer stockings and elegant black shoes with a hint of heel. It wasjust enough to sharpen the tone in her legs to a delicious graceful shape. Shejust dripped sex again and I felt my pulse raise as she gave me a peck on thecheek, took me by the hand and drew me inside."Look who I found," she said as she drew meinto the lounge off the kitchen still leading me by the hand. As I rounded thecorner, again I almost gasped at the sight before me. Ingrid leant against thekitchen bench with a glass of wine in her hand. She wore a see-throughembroidered silk blouse that was pearl in colour. Underneath she wore a verylow cut lace bra, again pearl in colour with black lace overlaid. A fine goldchain with a single pearl hung temptingly in between her breasts. I couldn'thelp but let my eyes be drawn down. She wore a white cotton a-line skirt thatcame down to her knees, with open sandals. She looked so cool and ravishing.I was handed a wine and what an eveningfollowed! The conversation flowed easily, the women sharing stories about lifein the country town and some of the glory stories of medical emergencies. Wewent Lolita Paysites for a stroll just before tea through their gardens and they showed methrough their delightful house. Two of the rooms had a queen size bed and onehad a king size so I couldn't tell if they were a couple, but I began towonder. As the wine set in, the conversation and laughter became more raucous.I was swept up in the moment and just loved being in the presence of these twogorgeous women. I noticed that as the evening wore on, their interaction becamemore physical; a pat on my shoulder here, holding my hand as we shared a jokethere, and an occasional hand resting on my leg as they held my gaze every nowand then. It felt like each touch lingered just a little longer than usual andseemed to have a sensual meaning to it. I was captivated by their company andslowly felt myself becoming more aroused to be with them. My sexual feelingsbecame a passionate urge. Man, was I turned on!As dinner finished and we went into thelounge, the conversation took a personal shift and my senses held ontoeverything that was said. Fi started talking about induced lactation. This iswhere a woman can begin to produce breast milk through stimulating theirbreasts and nipples through massage, use of a breast pump as well as usingmedicines. It was something we covered at Uni, but not something I had sincecome across. I couldn't help but glance at each of these women's bodies andbreasts once again. Then I had a double-take as she added almostmatter-of-factly, "Did you know that Ingrid and I share an adult nursingrelationship? In fact soon, it will be time to feed. I hope you won't mind?""No," I stammered, and then recovered todare, "In fact I would love to watch." Each of them smiled and Fi patted thecouch next to her. "Well, best you come over here, then," she said.I placed my glass down on the coffee Lolita Paysites tableand nervously went over to sit down next to Fi on her right hand side. Ingrid,who was on her left, swivelled around to face Fi, and then leant over to rest onher hand on the couch next to me. Fi gave me a smile before looking away intoIngrid's face. They shared a deep look and then Fi reached up to her dress.She untied her crossover top, and slowlyrevealed her bra. Her breasts seemed full and ripe, as if they were burstingout. She reached up with her right hand across her body to unclip what turnedout to be a maternity bra. With her left hand she reached up and nestled herleft breast and slowly began to massage and knead it. She began a rhythmicself-massage stroke, widening her hand and then drawing her hand forward to hernipple. After two or three times I saw the most amazing thing; a bead of milkbegan to form on the end of her nipple. I was mesmerised watching these two asthey continued to gaze into each others eyes.The drop of milk grew larger. Just when Ithought it would drip down, Ingrid lowered her head and slowly parted her lips.Her mouth opened and slowly she took Fiona's nipple into her mouth. It was likethey were teasing me it was done so slowly and sensually. Ingrid's mouth bothclosed down and began to suck in the same action. As her lips touched thenipple I saw Fi close her eyes in sweet reverie. Ingrid gave long and slowsucks, timed with each breathe which had slowed down to about 3 seconds each time.It was so beautiful to watch these two women share this intimate and eroticact. I was so turned on and mesmerised by what I saw. I couldn't tell at thisstage whether this act they were sharing was sexual. But slowly the moodbetween them changed. Ingrid let out a small groan that came from deep withinher. Fi took her right hand and Lolita Paysites placed it behind Ingrid's head and pulled hercloser in. She closed her eyes and also groaned. Then I noticed what washappening; Fi was slowly rocking and shuddering as she pulled Ingrid closelyand tightly to her. Her body was in the steady rhythmic shudder of an orgasm,and Ingrid was giving her all she could! I was screaming inside to take part inthis beautiful moment, but sat there Lolita Paysites not wanting to break this spell thatappeared to be cast around them.After about 7 or 8 minutes, Ingrid pulledaway. I noticed that Fi's nipple was extended, swollen and bright red. Herareolae had darkened in colour Lolita Paysites and it seemed like they were now covered inswollen bumps. Her nipple, now about one inch long still had a drop of milk onits end. As Ingrid lay there against her I noticed that she still breathedheavily and her Lolita Paysites body seemed to be full of sexual energy. I noticed a dribble ofmilk had run down her neck and into her own bosom. Ingrid pulled back andreached out her hand to me. Fi said, using the most sexily dreamy voice thatyou could imagine as she looked into my eyes, "Well, we would like you to trynow, if you like?""It's OK," said Ingrid sensing myhesitation, "we'll show you how." Well I was nervous and hesitant, but that wasbecause I was so turned on and just offered the chance to suck on the breast ofthe most beautiful woman by her incredibly sexy lover. Of course, I wasnervous!"Here, come down and kneel on the rug,"instructed Fiona as Ingrid guided me by the hand. I knelt on a cushion andFiona parted her legs and sat on the edge of the couch in front of me. She lether Lolita Paysites dress fall down Lolita Paysites to her waist and now unclipped the other side of her bra.Again she started kneading her breast and drew a drop of milk to its tip. Shereached up with her finger and took the first drop of milk and slowly held outher hand to my lips. I parted my lips and let my tongue wrap around her elegantfinger tasting her milk Lolita Paysites for the first time. That first physical touch sent mewild with desire. Oh God, how Lolita Paysites much I wanted this! With her same hand Fi reachedup around my neck and drew me into her. As I was taller, Fi's breasts wereimmediately in front of me. As I came closer, Fi parted her legs and then putthem around my thighs and drew me in. Again, as she did for Ingrid she liftedher full breast with her hand and held it to me suggestively. Needing nofurther encouragement I parted my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth.Immediately I was met by the sweet tasteand the thin texture of her milk. My desire just exploded as her nipple drewinto my mouth under my suck. I felt like I had to control myself though havingseen how gentle and smooth Ingrid had been. Slowly I began to suck and was soonmet with a gush of milk as her flow increased. I could barely control myself. Ijust wanted all I could get! As I fed from her, I could feel Ingrid movingaround behind me, massaging my neck and shoulders and then slowly running herhands across my waist and shoulders. This started out as a smooth massage, butsoon intensified in its sensuality as her hands explored my body. I felt thetie being undone on the top behind my neck. I soon felt her hands running overmy bare skin and my breathe was taken away as she caressed me freely over mybreasts, hips and waist. My groans became more intense as all my senses wereinvaded with raw sexual energy. Milk flowed down my throat, Fi's perfume wasdazzling, her breasts and nipples left me crazily hungry as my hands rakedacross her body wanting all I could get. I don't know how I didn't bite Fi, butI almost screamed with sexual energy as I felt Ingrid's hands grab my pubisfirmly and her finger explore my clitoris and vagina as she reached down mydress bunched about my waist and down my panties. Soon I felt a shudder floodthrough my body starting at my throat, neck and chest as if the milk brought methis ecstasy as it flowed down my throat. It spread into Lolita Paysites my waist and down tomy pussy as I felt Ingrid's urgent touch raking me deeply. I had to pull awayfrom Fi's breast as the feeling was so intense. It was like the world hadshattered. What Lolita Paysites started as a groan built into a deep roar as I could no longerwithhold what had been building all day! I screamed as I came and I came and Icame. Instead of feeling wasted though I was hungry for more. It seemed thatFiona also felt the same way and took control of us all.Fiona wildly drew her dress over her headand threw it to Lolita Paysites the floor. She then reached around and unclasped her bra. Itdropped to the couch. She wore no panties. Naked. Again I couldn't believe thebeauty of this goddess that lay before me!She pointed at Ingrid, "I want you, here!"she demanded, opening her legs and leant back on the couch pulling her fingerthrough the air with a `come here!' motion. Without needing any furtherprompting Ingrid dropped to her knees and dove down to lick Fi's wet pussy."And I want you, there!" she said pointing to me, and directing me down behindIngrid. Ingrid was naked as well. She must have undressed while standing behindme. I stood behind this perfect woman and gazed down on her fine ebony skin,her slender waist and long graceful legs. Her fine straight and long hair hungdown around her neck and breasts as she went to town on Fiona. It was all thedirection I needed as I dropped to my knees and bent my mouth down to tastethis beautiful woman. As I placed my hands on her waist, Ingrid thrust her hipsup to me as she opened her legs and again I parted my lips but this time totake her womanhood onto the tip of my tongue. The energy between us waselectric. The passion mounted as the moans and screams grew between these twowomen. Soon these two women were bucking wildly as they writhed in orgasmdriving it for all it was worth. Just as I had rocked in wild passion but a fewmoments ago, now these two girls screamed, thrashed and sobbed as they came.After this there was a moments silencebefore again Fi took control and directed us as to what to do. "Let's go tobed, Ingrid. Jess, will you join us tonight?" Well, I needed no furtherinvitation and let myself be led by these two women into their room. Fi drewback the covers and lay down on one side of the king-size bed. She motioned meto cradle her and soon Ingrid came in behind me. We embraced and kissed gently,our sexual passions ebbing slowly as sleep drifted over us. One by one thegirls drifted off to sleep, and for a while I lay there going over the eveningof pure joy, before I too fell into a beautiful sleep.To be continued......Hi girls. If you like my stories, drop me aline. Please share your stories as well as I love to hear of your experiencesof sharing this most beautiful of gifts between adults; breast milk, nectar ofthe gods! Drop me a line at creamylorayahoo.com.auLoveLora
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